5 August 2017

My colourpop favourites

It's no secret that I am obsessed with Colourpop! We all have our favourites, whether it's food or makeup or beauty products so here I am rounding up my favourites from them. Also, recently I was asked for a post like this so here ya go! I know I am late to the game and posts like this have been done plenty of times, but if you guys enjoy seeing posts featuring my favourites from a particular brand, do let me know in the comments! 👇🏻


With 12 lip colours and counting, though not a lot compared to actual beauty bloggers, it's getting harder and harder to pick my favourites. In general, their lip products are quite long-wearing (they don't budge or smudge, but some do transfer) and with the exception of the darker shades that wear off quicker. 

If you're worried of how drying their Ultra Matte Lips can get, don't be! Most colours that I've tried aren't that dry at all. However, some colours do leave me with a chapped-looking lip no matter how much I've moisturised them prior to application. It's also worth mentioning that the swatches available on Colourpop's website are not the most accurate representation of the colours in real life. I highly recommend doing a little bit of research and check out the photos by others for a better gauge. Note: I'm describing the colours as it looks on my lips.


Lunch MoneyYes, just take all of it! This was my first colourpop highlighter and I'm obsessed with it. I have a medium skin tone, and this gives me a healthy looking glow. You can wear it to anywhere, and match it with any look because it just gives you this subtle glow. I apply it either with a dry beauty blender or my fingers, and blends really easily. Sometimes, I also use it on the center of my lids.


Beautiful pigmented, and a little goes a long way. You can tone it down for a subtle sheen or pack it on for a shimmery eye look.

Weenie – Described as a ultra-metallic true rose gold on their site. Weenie looks a tad similar to Lala, which I think has been discontinued because I can't find it on the site anymore. It's a very beautiful and pigmented rose gold shade, and looks stunning on the lids.

Blow Me Away palette (sold out) – A vibrant palette, with 4 peachy coral shades that are removable from the palette (so you can mix and match if you want). They make your eyes, and overall makeup look, POP! I love wearing this look with a neutral lip, and never go too heavy with the blush otherwise I may look like a tomato.

And those are my favourites from the brand, I do need a makeup detox sometime soon though. But guess who just made another order on Colourpop? 

Gonna leave you guys with this note: I hope you guys are seizing every opportunity to do something you like and if you're currently not, I hope you find the courage to go pursue your passion!

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