14 January 2018

Travel More with Less

It's been a couple of days since I've been back from my trip to Taiwan but I've yet to finish unpacking (oops). While packing I thought I would just quickly share with you guys some tips on how to travel more with less.

I always overpack clothes when travelling, but when it comes down to makeup or skincare, I've got it under control! ;)

⇢ 1. Bring along travel-sized products
Before your next trip, head down to the counters and request for samples. This is a great opportunity to try out products from brands that you are considering to purchase from. Very important: ask nicely, not demand for free samples. They have the right not to give you anything.

Chloe Perfume / The Ordinary Salicylic Acid Solution / Sisley Makeup Remover / Fresh Rose Floral Toner / Laneige Water Bank Essence and Gel Cream

⇢ 2. DIY Face Scrub
If for some reason you really need to exfoliate your face but forgot to bring along a face scrub, or like me, you mistakenly brought along a face mask instead of a scrub, try mixing coconut oil and sugar for a quick fix. Desperate time, desperate measures. Or you could go to the store and purchase one but I like to DIY dammitNot recommended for those with sensitive skin.

⇢ 3. Plan Ahead
Planning ahead ensures that you secure cheaper flights, bus tickets, and accommodation. You  also have the option to toggle with the search function to see which dates offer a better price, so if your plans aren't fixed yet you can travel on less expensive dates.

⇢ 4. Use Cashback Sites
Lastly, I always use cashback sites when booking my flights and accommodations. I can't vouch for every cashback site, however, most sites and their partners are quite generous with rebates. Enjoy your trip while getting some cash back, win-win if you ask me!

Stay gold, xx

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