3 January 2018

My In-flight Essentials

Happy New Year from Taiwan! I hope everyone had a lovely time ringing in the new year, setting new goals and the motivation to achieve them! In this post, I'll be sharing my ultimate list of in-flight travel essentials you need, whether it's a long haul flight or short one.

⇢ Passport and Travel Documents 
You want to have easy access to your papers and bring along a pen for filling up any immigration form when arriving. Tip: Some countries don't require a visa and some do depending on your passport, so always check in advance!

Travel Wallets and CardsI usually set aside 2 different wallets, one with foreign currency and cards that I might need. Another  with my local currency for when I'm back home. 

⇢ Sweets/Gums/Toothpaste
Wherever I go I always have a pack of breath mints with me, and if you're a bit more particular about personal hygiene bring along a toothbrush and toothpaste. I usually just request for the kit from a flight attendant ;)

⇢ Hand Sanitizer and Wipes
For when I'm settled into my seat. I know it's already cleaned before my flight, but  I give my space a quick wipe down again for a peace of mind.

⇢ Face Masks
Yes, I'm THAT PERSON that scares the rest of the passengers with a face mask. Because the plane cabin's so dry I want to make sure my face feels moisturised and hydrated during my flight. 

⇢ Makeup Pouch
This is ALSO in case my luggage doesn't make it, I know I have my essentials with me #priorities. Makeup can be really expensive, especially if you're buying everything again. I don't tend to put makeup on the plane, I usually wait till I get to my accommodation before washing my face and put on makeup. In my pouch, apart from the standard makeup items (less than a 100ml) I also bring along this Lavender spray. It doesn't really help me sleep better or faster, but I like the smell and it helps keep me calm.

Headphones | Satechi
This headphone is both bluetooth enabled and wired, so you can use it with your iPhone or the in-flight entertainment system.

⇢ Portable Charger | Samsung 
Most planes would have a charging port, but just in case you're on an older plane that isn't equipped with that (happened to me before on an international flight). Besides, you want your phone's battery to be fully charged so as soon as you step out of the airport you can start snapping away!

⇢ Valencia Camera Travel Tote | ADC Bags
I have to say, my all-time favourite hand carry is one from ADC Bags. It's functional and chic! I usually bring this if I'm going away for a longer period of time and will need my laptop. For a short trip such as this, I have my functional backpack with me - always!

A Coat
If you're travelling to somewhere colder, it's always good to have a coat with you on hand in case your luggage didn't make it to the destination with you. If a coat is too heavy, you can always carry along a hoodie/scarf.

That sums up pretty much what I usually take with me on my carry-on, the luggage is a whole different situation though because I tend to overpack (yikes)!

I'm super excited to be in Taiwan as I've never visited this country before but heard so much about it - the food, the scenery. The cool temperature also provides some respite from Singapore's humidity and god awful 35°C weather. I hope you all have a lovely week!

Stay gold, xx


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