28 March 2018

California Edventures 2018

Here are some of the edventures (edible adventures, in case you're wondering) that happened when I was in California a week ago. We were only here for a much shorter time this round, but the list of places to go was crazily long. I mean, this trip was 6 months in the planning of course I had done A LOT of research ;) 

Le Marais Bakery | 498 Sanchez Street
We both enjoyed a tartlette, croissant, hot chocolate and iced mocha each. While the pastries were perfect, I didn't like my hot chocolate that much. I just didn't really like the taste of it, but you may, so give it a go!

Media Noche | 3465 19th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
This spot served up some really good cuban sandwich, the first ever one I had, and left me craving for more. I ordered off their specials menu, so unfortunately as of now this particular sandwich isn't available anymore but maybe one day it'll be back! For the amount we paid, this is definitely a very generous portion, and every bite had so much crunch and flavour. Unbelievable!
Boba Guys | 3491 19th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
A couple of units down, sits Boba Guys (this is one of their many outlets across the city), they have tons of different classic and special seasonal flavours. We stopped by for a drink, I went for Matcha Boba Tea – the usual.

Sweet Maple | 2101 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94115
I guess this is a popular food spot with both the locals and visitors. Sweet Maple serves a variety of brunch dishes, the pancakes I saw someone eating looked very appetising but I went with the eggs and sausage. We found ourselves there for breakfast by recommendation, and even though I liked what I ordered and it was delicious, but it was neither fantastic good, nor extremely bad in this case,  therefore I couldn't really see what the hype about this place was. I hope it doesn't sound too harsh.

Chowders | Pier 39 San Francisco, CA 94133
I ALWAYS HAVE to get their homemade clam chowder. Served in a bread bowl (which is of course, edible), you'll also find generous chunks of meat in the soup. A bowl like this costs $10 and can be shared with another person, great value for money I say! We also had Fish & Chips, uh-ma-zing, and Popcorn Shrimp which was a bit salty though. When you're done with your meal, walk along the pier and enjoy some ocean breeze!

About an hour's flight later, we're in Sunny SoCal enjoying a much warmer spring. Don't get me wrong, it was still cold but we could survive with much less layers.

Birdies DTLA | 314 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015
As the name suggests, this food spot is within DTLA and not only serves one of the thickest Spicy Chicken sandwich, but also the coolest donuts in town. It's also a few streets down from Grand Central Market (GCM) where they have plenty of other food. Just right opposite  GCM is Angels Flight, a funicular railway featured in La La Land, also within the vicinity are The Museum of Contemporary Art and The Broad.

Dave's Hot Chicken | 970 N Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029
Opens only after 6pm so if you're within the area, or don't know what to have for dinner definitely give this place a try! The chicken was flavourful, and you get to choose your level of spiciness which is always nice. I think it would be helpful for you guys to note that this place only accept card. If you're local this wouldn't be an issue, but if you're tourists like us then you'll have to be prepared.

Alfred Tea Room | 705 N Alfred St, Los Angeles, CA 90069
On my previous visit we didn't realise that they close at 7pm so we missed it, when we knew we were going back to LA we had to stop by here. Located just right on the Melrose shopping strip, they have super cute interior filled with pink decor, plants and neon lights. I had the Matcha with boba, and my cousin had the Rose tea. $4-$5 for boba tea is not pricey in America, but in Asia it is ;) Also again, another place that only accepts card.

Marmalade Cafe | 6333 W 3rd St # E17, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Heading to The Grove for some shopping? Stop by Marmalade Cafe as most of their mains are under $20 (before tax). I can't recall what we had but I believe it should be the Lobster & Shrimp Linguine ($20.99) and Smokey BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger ($14.99). The pasta was amazing, but as we sat outside it became cold very quickly.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse | 4211, 111 S Ave 59, Los Angeles, CA 90042
If you've never visited the one in San Francisco or Seoul, drop by here instead - more photo opportunities here if you ask me ;) They have a huge space with seating where you can enjoy your drink and pastry. We ordered the matcha croissant to share as we were still stuffed from breakfast. I LOVE ANYTHING MATCHA so this is a win for me!

Stay gold, xx

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