1 April 2018

Vacation Beauty Haul

I haven't done a beauty haul in a really long time, mainly because I'm lucky to be spoiled by brands and PR agencies but since I was in the US I figured might as well! I picked up a few beauty goodies because they were much much cheaper than in Singapore and with stores like Walmart, CVS and Target a lot of these products were bought at a really good price.

⇢ Elizabeth Arden Good Morning Skin Serum
I picked this up because not only was it on sale, I have never tried any products from Elizabeth Arden before and I was looking for a new serum. I honestly don't know what to feel about this product, overall it was a bit weird for me. First, it felt greasy, then as I applied it on my face it felt a like silicone (this product contains dimethicone btw) which made me felt like it was a primer rather than a serum. So I'm confused, the name suggests its a serum, but the description of the product suggests you prime your face with it to help your makeup go on more smoothly. As far as its effectiveness, I think I'll have to carry on using it for awhile longer to see results. Have you tried this product before, and what are your thoughts?

⇢ Mario Badescu Facial Spray
Another item I picked up during my travels was this. If you're wondering, this facial spray contains aloe, herbs and rose water, and seems to be very popular! I definitely had to give it a try to see what the hype is all about.

What I love: comes in several sizes, this being the smallest and airport approve as it's less than 100ml. If you're feeling a little dry or need a little wake up in the office, it's refreshing (but just like any other facial spray).
What I don't love: the smell. It's not awful, it just doesn't smell the best especially for something that sits on your face.

⇢ Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer (MY NEW FAVE CRUELTY FREE MAKEUP BRAND GUYS!!)
I love this, and many products from Wet n Wild! As you'll probably see from this post, I picked up quite a few Wet n Wild products from places like Walmart/CVS/Target. I've never used anything from them before, but now I wish I had! The concealer has amazing coverage and is perfect for concealing both my under eyes and the redness from my acnes. It doesn't crease under my eyes, doesn't oxidise or cake under foundation, and it blends really easily. Lastly, you really can't beat the price point (it was less than $5).

⇢ Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush 
For a drugstore brand, their products are really amazing. This blush applies beautifully on the skin, and is sooo pigmented that I have to apply it with a light hand (not a bad thing) for a natural rosy look. If you see this product while shopping, you have to get it! I mean look at the amount of product you're getting for less than $10! Plus, this shade works really well as an eyeshadow too ;)

⇢ Wet n Wild Eyeshadows
The Rose in the Air palette is supposedly a dupe for one of Anastasia Beverly Hills' palettes. While I can't compare the quality, the prices are already a huge difference. If you live within the US pop by Walmart/CVS/Target as they usually have really good deals, not that it's necessary I mean this palette was $5. YEP, YOU SAW THAT RIGHT - $5! I love the shades this palette has, 8 mattes and 2 shimmers. No fall outs or anything, just tons of pigment.

The single eyeshadow on the other hand was a little disappointing, but it was a dollar. It's a bit dry and I'm not a fan of chunky glitter on my eyelids as my eyes are rather sensitive. I probably wouldn't use this as much but on the rare days that I feel like I need my eye look to pop, this is definitely my go to!

☼ ☼ 
Moving on to products that were sent to me. Feels like I've got a lot of catching up to do after being away for 2 weeks!

⇢ Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Cream and Mask 
I did a quick review on both these products over on my Instagram stories the other day, so I'll mention a little bit more on what else I love especially since I've been using them a couple more times now. I know you probably wouldn't believe me when I say this mask gives you instant results, but it really does - and all within 5 minutes (how?!)

I either apply the mask before my shower or after while I'm brushing my teeth. My skin feels softer, looks significantly more radiant and smoother! I have a couple of fine lines on my forehead and they are much less visible after. I use the face cream every night now and wake up with supple and moisturised skin. As my skincare routine for my oily skin may be a little drying, this cream works great in providing the balance that my skin needs. Both these products have a light cucumber scent that's really refreshing too!

⇢ Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation
This is my first ever stick foundation and I don't really know whether I 100% love it or not. I love how easy it is to bring around (for travel especially) because of its size, the coverage on this is also amazing with a semi-matte finish. I just don't really like how it feels and sits on my face, and the best way to apply it. It's quick and easy to blend, yes, doesn't look cakey on most parts of my face but it definitely did cling on certain dry patches. I had a pimple that was healing when I tested this product out, and the skin around that area was a little dry/peeling so this foundation just started to look patchy. I'm hoping to give it another go after my pimple is completely healed, meanwhile I'll just stick to my liquid foundations.

Thanks for sticking till the end! If there's one thing you feel like you should get from this post, I definitely recommend either of the Wet n Wild products, or Fresh's Lotus Youth Preserve mask for skincare. :)


Stay gold, xx

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