3 June 2018

Summer-Ready Makeup

Summer is just right around the corner, unless you live on the equator chances are we face the same season all year round. Anyhoo, here are some new beauty releases that I think you NEED for the summer - but of course, you're an adult and can make your own decision ;)

There were a couple of beauty drops the last month or so, that I had to do a blog post summing up products that I've managed to try and are recommending to you. The selection's not extensive, but I hope you find something that you think is worth trying. Items marked with * are products that I recently got, but may not be new in the market.

Palladio 4ever + ever Intense Lip Paint* – I have the shade Déjà Vu, and it's a long lasting lip gloss that leaves a stain (it's a good thing!) So even when you're done with your 10th gelato, you still have some colour on your lips. The packaging's also really nice for what you pay, you can find them at Guardian stores for only $11.90. 

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish* – I've always known that MAC's highlighters never disappoint. Previously I was going back on forth on getting Oh Darling, but now that I have Whisper of Gilt I don't think I could use any other highlighter at the moment. The shade perfectly complements my skin tone, doesn't emphasize on the skin's texture, and it gives you a very healthy glow; which I'm all about!

Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Gel – I was surprised that so many of you have actually heard of Anessa before, and love their sunscreen equally as much! What I love about it is it's lightweight gel texture that is instantly absorbed and feels comfortable under my makeup. Apparently it is resistant to water, sweat and sebum, which makes it perfect for everyday wear or when you're headed to the beach!

Not pictured: A more pocket-friendly option is Biore's Oil Control Base. With SPF 50+ and PA++++, it effectively blocks out UVA and UVB rays so you can be out about in the sun enjoying an ice cream. As a makeup base, it works well with my foundation and concealer. It also has a lightweight gel texture that applies really easily and gives a semi-matte finish however, I don't think it works THAT well in oil control but that's because my face can get really oily.

Last but not least, we have Origin's Original Skin Matte Moisturizer – As the name suggests, it's a mattifying moisturizer that doesn't dry out your skin or has a thick texture. I think it's perfect for oily skin babes especially, because a small amount of this can go a long way. I applied it over my T-zone and cheeks right before makeup, or during my normal skincare routine, and my face honestly remains matte for much a longer period. I also really love the scent of the products from this range, I have a product-empty which I'll share more about it in another post! 

If you're interested in picking this up to try for yourself, don't forget to flash the image below at those 3 Origin's stores mentioned for a Gift with Purchase.

Stay gold, xx

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