19 August 2018

5 Ways to Feel Refreshed: Self-Care Routine

Pulling one too many all-nighters lately or just feeling like a hot mess being frustrated with the warm and humid weather? It's time to take a step back to refresh and recharge. Taking good care of yourself (physically, mentally and emotionally) is extremely important even though it's something we all probably struggle with. Here are my TOP 5 TIPS to help you feel refreshed and uplift your mood!

#1 – Go for a hike, or hit the gym

Get your bum out of the house, whether it's to the gym for a workout, or just taking a stroll around the block. If you're blessed to have the hills in your backyard, go for a quick hike. The weather here might be a little off-putting when it comes to outdoor physical activities, but it definitely helps refresh your senses after. Let's admit it, working out is always exhausting but knocking out some calories and inhaling fresh air makes it worthwhile!

#2 – Wash Your Hair

This is an easy one! Nothing feels more amazing than a bath or freshly washed hair, especially after being outside. I've been using Moist Diane's Perfect Beauty Extra Fresh & Hydrate Shampoo and Treatment to address my main hair concern: oily scalp. During the time that I lather my shampoo and rinse my hair, I imagine all my stressors in life being washed away (it's good even if it's just for that moment).

What's the difference between the previous Argan Oil and the new Perfect Beauty series you ask?

Their new shampoo and the conditioner are made in Japan, silicone-free, sulphate-free, paraben-free and colour-safe. The key ingredient, organic Argan Oil, is a good treatment as it helps to deeply cleanse and purify the scalp to remove sebum and dirt, without stripping away your hair’s natural moisture. It also contains Feather Keratin which helps to repair hair ends while leaving it airy light. Keratin are usually only found in salon brand shampoos so for $16.90, I think Moist Diane shampoos are really affordable considering the expensive ingredients they contain! The peppermint and tea tree combo leaves your scalp with a cooling feeling. I don't know about you but having healthy and clean hair boosts my mood instantly!

#3 – Make Yourself a Cup of Tea

It's common knowledge that teas usually have a myriad of benefits, and different types of teas have different results. If you're looking for something with antioxidants, go for white tea as it's less processed than green teas. Fruits teas are my cup of tea at the moment, but make yourself something that you like and tuck yourself in a corner of the couch.

#4 – Read a book

I'm going to be honest, I don't read often but whenever I feel like I need a little pick-me-up I go for self-help books. I'm currently reading Mindfulness: Finding Peace In A Frantic World. When you read with an open mind, you're more ready to absorb ideas and suggestions given.

#5 – Do A Mask

Last but not least, keep up with your daily skin care routine even when you don't feel like it. Like they say, put your best mask forward! Go with a clay mask to purify your skin, or a hydrating mask – your skin will thank you.

Now your body, mind and senses refreshed, you should be on top of your game! I hope you guys give Moist Diane shampoos and treatments a try because they are so affordable, effective and have such a wide range of series that you can choose from to target your specific hair needs.

Sponsored content but all opinions expressed are my own. Thank you Moist Diane Singapore for working with me to make this possible! 

Stay gold, xx

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