22 October 2018

Falling for Autumn

We don't experience any seasons here in Singapore - except hot, very hot, and very wet as in drenched in sweat. But when October rolls around, I'm automatically in an "autumn" mood; dark lips, cinnamon everything, hot chocolate (when it rains it can get a little chilly). Some people get intimated by dark bold lips, but in this post I'll be featuring some irresistible shades that'll hopefully have you join in on the bandwagon!

My number one must-have before applying any dark lip colour would be a good lip liner, a lip balm to ensure your lips are hydrated, and lastly a lip primer. I'm recently trying out 3ina's Lip Primer ($21) to prep and prime my lips. Right off the bat, the product dries really quickly once on my lips, they feel smooth and fine lines are minimized. It also has a very light scent as well. I don't know if it did help my lipsticks last longer than usual, but it surely helped in creating a better base for lipsticks to go on.

Now on to some of my favourite deep shades, at various price points!

Wanderlust (33) – SEPHORA #LIPSTORIES Lipstick, $13

I'll be honest, I've used other Sephora lipsticks before and didn't really enjoyed them so when Sephora first launched this series I wasn't interested at all. Until recently, my friend recommended me to check out a particular shade (Labyrinth City 9) did it piqued my interest. During a sale, I bought these 2 shades to give it a go. Verdict?

Probably one of my favourite lipsticks in my collection because of its formula and price. It is the creamiest of the bunch, with a smooth and easy application, and dries down semi-matte. One swipe is enough to give full coverage, lasted me a good 6 hours before fading and leaving behind a tint. Another pro about this is that it doesn't feather and with darker shades it's noticeable once it feathers (yikes).

Shade 504 – 3ina The Lip Pencil, $19

The first time I used this I was impressed by how creamy and pigmented it was, glides on so smoothly and you can comfortable wear it for an entire day with minimal touch-ups. It works perfect as a base, or under any other lipsticks. This lip pencil also comes with a handy applicator on the other end to help you blend and smooth out any edges. Great value for money, imo!

Purple Reign – H&M Beauty, $14.90

As the name suggests, it's a plum/purple shade (I promise you won't look like an eggplant). If you're looking for budget-friendly makeup, H&M 's beauty range is the place. They are amazing, and definitely look like they cost a lot more. But that's not really the point, oops. The lipstick is not only moisturizing, but opaque and has a shine to it. Over time, it does feather and fade so be sure to prime and line your lips first!

Vampette – Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick, $37

I've not picked this one up in a long while, but I knew it was the perfect shade for this post. It has a matte finish with a slight sheen, it's not dry at all but wasn't as moisturising as the rest. Doesn't bleed or feather, and has a long staying power. Prep your lips with a lip balm and lip liner before applying this beauty. Truly, a beautiful deep berry shade that everyone needs!

Bette – NARS Audacious Lipstick, $46

If you're looking to treat yourself, grab this. Occasionally, I rotate back to this baby and am taken aback by how comfortable it wears. Getting an even coat may take awhile with this, but it gives you a supple glossy finish. Overtime, the gloss becomes a stain and it's really up to you whether or not you wish to touchup. I really enjoy the stained look so I don't bother. Even after wearing it for hours it doesn't feel dry at all. Apart from wearing it daily in autumn, it's also the perfect shade for a night out or dinner events.

LAX & Sookie – Colourpop, USD6

LAX is a deep red with an intense colour payoff in one swipe, but dries down matte almost instantly! Colourpop's UML is no stranger I believe. Anyone that has one of these will know how drying they are, but they also last forever without becoming patchy or cracking. You definitely have to use something extremely moisturizing before this.

Sookie is described as a plum shade with a cream glossy finish and medium-coverage on their website. I normally don't use gloss because I hate how sticky they can get but I appreciate that this is the total opposite despite its beautiful shine. As a gloss, it has decent opacity but 2 layers should do the job! When the gloss wears off after some food and drinks, it leaves a gorgeous tint.


Stay gold, xx

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