23 September 2012

Breakfast & Wedding Series.

If you've been following me for quite a long time you'll realise that I love food. I was looking through my labels/categories (click for the list of categories on the right panel) and realised that the number of posts for food as compared to the others (excluding "Dear Diary") are... Insane. I love taking photographs of food, not that I'm good at it, but I just love it. I'm still trying my best to figure out the best way/angle to capture what's on the table.

I honestly do hope that while I try to perfect this, you'll still enjoy the pictures nonetheless. Also, I mentioned a few posts ago that I'm looking for the creamy/soft tone filter for my pictures... Well, no progress on that yet. Still sticking to my original filter.

Yesterday afternoon, I attended my cousin's wedding which was held at Alkaff Mansion. I'm not exactly sure if this would be considered as a garden wedding or not, but I'm pretty sure this one is much better than all the other hotel weddings. The food was served fine dining style, while everyone else was commenting how they are still hungry after the dinner, I was already full before the main dish.

I scored some nice shots as I was there early, earlier than all the other guests. When all the guests started streaming in at around late afternoon, there was a lady that started playing the harp. I think that was the epitome of the entire garden wedding. With the sound of water flowing from the fountains, to cheerful guests enjoying cocktails.

The wedding series will be coming soon (I hope). Trying to edit as many pictures as I can over the week and post it up by next week. If I end up editing all the photos, I'll probably post the pictures up separately. I actually feel the stress, because I have to send these pictures to my relatives.

After yesterday, I can conclude that I actually love taking wedding photos. Did that sound right? It's just such a magical thing to be part of and although I wasn't the official photographer I managed to get some good shots.

Edit: I have a broken mouse, everytime I left click it there will be this weird thud noise. Ugh!  

Stay gold, xx

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