24 November 2012

Mini Celebration.

(3 things in this post: Brunch, DIY and good news)

After 5 long months of internship, it is finally over! Can you not feel my excitement?! Honestly, I'm not the only one who is glad that everything is over, there's my family (dad, mum and maybe my brother?), my grams and my uncle and auntie. 

Celebration meal? Homemade cucumber, egg and ham with (of course) melted cheese sandwich. Yummers! This may sound like self praise, but the sandwich was really good! It didn't take me very long to prepare, plus point! 

Steps for making sandwich:
Grill bread and ham
Melt cheese
Fry egg

and when they are all cooked, layer them and finish it with crunchy cucumbers!

So anyway, it was Thanksgiving just a few days back and I thought maybe I should be more grateful for everyone that chose to stay by my side through the good and bad.

And, here's a really simple DIY. I suppose very suitable for when you're having guests over for brunch/high tea/party. Can you guess what this DIY is about? *drumrolls...*

Yeah! Pretty obvious, I guess? DIY Moustache toothpicks!

 This watch was gifted from 2 of my friends.
So basically, take any moustache design you'll like to refer to and start drawing. I drew it on black paper, so that it's easier to see and... because I'm a boring person.

After that, just cut out the moustache and if you're making a few you can just use the first one to trace (I forgot the word to use). Once you think you're happy with the amount of moustaches you have, just stick them on your toothpick! I used double sided tape to tape the moustache to the toothpick, you can use white glue or any other forms of adhesive if you like!


The next thing I'll be attempting would be moustache on bendy straws, also very suitable for parties! And now... for the great news. 

My baby is finally back!!! After about 1-2 months of being at the repair centre.

Alright, that's all from me!

Stay Gold, xx

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