2 March 2013

Le Projet Lune

I have always been mesmerised by the beauty of the Universe and everything it holds. Staring out into space makes all my problems feel small, sometimes it even helps me forget all the problems I have temporarily. I wish I could do nothing but stare into space all day and all night, but if I were to honestly do that, then I would have created another problem.


One day, I was browsing through photo albums in my computer and found a picture of the Moon that I shot possibly 2 years ago. Needless to say, the quality sucked and the Moon was no bigger than a 5 cent coin. I was determined to get a better shot this time especially now that I've gotten a better camera (Canon EOS 60D). I have 2 lenses, a 50mm f/1.8 II and 18-135mm lens, both lenses obviously not good enough to shoot the Moon. I considered buying a lens but thought that it would be impractical, then I considered renting a lens, which was still too expensive for me to handle. So eventually, I settled with making full use of what I have - I decided to shoot with my 18-135mm lens. People tell me that I cannot shoot the Moon, at least not with the lens I have, but I just so happen to like proving people wrong.

"Well if you can’t get what you love, you learn to love the things you’ve got. If you can’t be what you want, you learn to be the things you’re not. If you can’t get what you need, you learn to need the things that stop you dreaming."

I figured that if I could not get that zoom I needed from a better lens, I could actually somewhat achieve that from Photoshop (zoom and then crop). So thank god for Photoshop and yes, I cheated a little. Don't be so surprised!


Please note that whatever you're about to see is definitely not professionally shot, if you're expecting professional shots then I'm sorry.

They look like a string of beads.

After a month of religiously camping by the window and staying up beyond my usual bed time, this is what I've achieved. I now feel like I've finished a chapter in my life and I can finally move on to another project, but I feel empty and I feel like I do not want to move on. Someday, I'll lie under a blanket of stars and shoot them.

If I had one dying wish, I would wish that I could fly into space without all the fancy spacesuit and rocket, without imploding or exploding due to the pressure from the atmosphere - but that wouldn't matter honestly, since I was going to die anyway. I want to feel how's it is like to be in space in my most normal form. I don't want to die without getting a chance to see how space looks like or how Earth looks like from the Moon. Well, I could see how it looks like from pictures but I want to experience it myself.

This is probably the longest post I've ever done, so thank you for reading and it means a lot to me!

Stay gold, xx


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