6 June 2013


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What do you do when you're alone at home and there's nothing to eat? You make popcorn. But do you just settle for ordinary buttery/salted/sweet popcorn? Of course not. So I found a packet of popcorn in my brother's room the other day and thought that I should pop them today because 1. he is finally coming home today after going away for 4 days 2. I have no food left in the kitchen 3. I can't really cook.

I followed the instructions on the packet — this side up. leave it in the microwave oven for ~2 minutes. scream and yell because you think your oven will explode anytime soon. calm down because your kitchen smells heavenly. consume while hot. Holy macaroni!!! I think my neighbours were secretly plotting with each other on how to come up to me without appearing like they really wanted to have some of the popcorn too. Anyway, spell check wouldn't leave me alone until I changed popcorns to popcorn, so fine. After letting the popcorns, I really have to add that 'S' because it sounds grammatically wrong without, cool down I melted some chocolates and slightly coated the popcorn with it. Put them in the fridge for maybe ~30 minutes or so before serving! I know it sounds a little weird to have cold popcorn, but hey, the chocolate makes it all worth it.

I finally received my package from Hongkong after about 2 weeks or so. Can you guess what it is? It's the wishbone necklace you'll be seeing at the end of the post. Boy, am I in love. I am also amazed at how I can still see hints of red in my hair, yay!


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Stay gold, xx


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