20 January 2015


While I was ill for most of last week, I had a lot of cravings - pizza, fries, burgers and pasta. Since my throat hasn't fully recovered for me to enjoy a good serving of pizza, fries and burgers I decided to prepare some spaghetti today. My favourite way to have spaghetti is not with hot dogs or meat balls but spaghetti IN sausages. It's so easy to prepare and you're guaranteed to have some sausages with every mouth. 

Depending on your serving size, preparation of this meal shouldn't take longer than 15 minutes. You may buy cocktail sausages or get long ones and chop them to about 2cm long pieces. Then thread the spaghetti (I threaded about 5-6) through 1 or 2 raw sausages. If you have kids, you should ask them to join in the fun!

Cook it the regular way you cook your pasta, garnish with some shredded cheese and parsley and you're ready to serve! I also made some spaghetti sans the sausages because otherwise you might get sick of sausages after this meal.

(Btw, that's not beer I'm drinking, it's just regular green tea.)

Stay gold, xx


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