18 February 2015


It's been awhile since I last went on an Edventure (Edible Adventure) as I've been buried in work since school started early last month. Since I don't have much time, not even on the weekends, I'm carefully selecting places that I want to visit and try.

After seeing so many photos on Instagram of this lovely space, I did some 'research' and decided to head to Boufe Boutique Cafe for brunch. I had the eggs benedict and my friend had classic croque madame, but the Triple B is highly recommended! We also had truffle fries because why not? If you don't already know, I'm a fan of truffle fries. Wherever I go, if there's truffle fries on the menu I'm getting it! 

After the lunch hour, we were the only few customers left (they close at 3pm and reopen again at 6pm). We sat down for awhile more and got a citron tart to try. It tastes so good!

Yes, I gotta admit, this place is quite instagram-worthy. Just look at the entrance, there's also an outdoor seating area where I would've sat at, if only it wasn't so warm. Oh! Once you're done eating, you can walk over to Ohvola's boutique for some retail therapy (they share the same space). Overall, my friend and I spent about $28 each for a main, truffle fries and a tart (shared amongst the both of us).

Pictures in this post were taken with my new Samsung GALAXY A5 and I think this phone can easily replace my DSLR on certain occasions! I mean, look at the quality of the pictures, honestly I don't think my iPhone 5s would be able to take such clear photos. I'll be posting more about a giveaway next week on my Instagram, so if you would like to win yourself a Samsung GALAXY A5 do keep a look out for the posts! 

I'm on a no-carb diet this week and writing this post is making me really hungry, so I'm going to end it of here. Talk soon!

From this post onwards, I'll be tagging the camera I use so please refer to the categories at the bottom if you're interested.

Boufe Boutique Cafe
308 Tanglin Road
Phoenix Park #01-01, Singapore 247974

Stay gold, xx


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