5 April 2018

3 Authentic Ways to Grow Your Instagram Account

I'm not saying I'm an expert at Instagram, but especially with the newest algorithm (ugh!) you'll realise it's much harder to get your photos/account noticed but don't be disheartened! I'm gonna share with you guys my experience on Instagram, and authentic, non-gimmicky (NO BOTS) ways to grow your presence. Whether you're a brand that's looking to step up your Instagram game to increase traffic to your site, or a fellow user trying to stand out from the crowd, here are some tips that you may like to consider.

Out of all my social media channels, Instagram is the only one that I update regularly. I've had my ups and downs on this platform considering I've been on it for almost 5 years, maybe longer? I don't remember honestly. What first started off as a regular photo sharing platform has now grown into a business for me, as a content creator and also as a photographer and stylist for various brands. I've been pretty lucky to get to do what I love!

⇢  1: Be Yourself
The first tip, and the MOST IMPORTANT, is to be true to yourself and your followers. If you're starting an account to be famous then you should reconsider. Your style and personality is what helps you stand out from the rest of the community.

⇢  2: Consistency
Having consistency doesn't only mean that you have to post regularly, but also a cohesive Instagram feed so your followers (or potential ones) know what to expect from you next. For me, the majority of my posts are flatlays, or lifestyle related, and occasionally you get an outfit photo. Some tips for consistency: edit your photos with the same filter(s), or stick to a colour palette.

⇢  3: Engaging Content
In one of Instagram's recent update, the comment bar under each photo only appears after someone remains on a photo for more than 5 seconds. What does this mean? An engaging photo would make someone stay longer, and therefore possibly leaving a comment which in turn leads to higher engagement and your photo will appear higher your followers' home feed (according to Instagram). Although to me, engaging content just means whether a photo or caption has meaning.

Whether you're a personal or business account, always always (ALWAYS) create original content! The last thing you want is for someone to catch you misusing their photo, or claiming someone else's photo as yours.

Consider reaching out to user who like or posts similar things as you by using hashtags. If you're not getting a lot of likes on your photo, look for hashtags that have less than 100,000 posts. This way you're not getting buried by all posts and will most likely get featured at the top. 

That's it guys! I hope you'll find this useful. I did not talked about comment/like pods (do they still exist?) or following and unfollowing people because I don't believe in these and I also don't think they work anymore - not that I've tried.

Also I promised a video on how I edit my IG stories, I promise it's coming soon. Subscribe to my Youtube channel so you stay on top of it! If you have any other questions, leave 'em below :)

Stay gold, xx

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