15 April 2018

My Secret to Healthy Hair and Scalp

I was really excited to switch up my hair care routine with Moist Diane's latest range – Botanical Refresh & Moist. Read on to find out my secret to healthier hair and scalp, and how to treat yourself after a long day!

This post is in collaboration with Moist Diane, but all opinions expressed are my own.

Quick background: I've been using the Extra Fresh range for a few months now, and can swear by the results (almost like a scalp detox I never knew existed) of it Botanical Refresh & Moist Shampoo and Treatment range, my hair felt so good just like having a treatment done in a salon!

Both the shampoo and treatment have a very light refreshing citrus scent that lingers after your hair wash. The shampoo also lathers up very well, which is always appreciated! ;)

As someone who puts her hair through heat-styling a few days a week and colour, my hair has definitely some form of damage such as dryness, tangles as a result of the dryness, and just overall dull-looking hair. Ever since I started using Moist Diane's shampoo and treatment, my hair is visibly healthier and smoother thanks to one of their main ingredients: gentle Toscana olive oil! Other natural ingredients include, Lemongrass, Bilberry and Apply Mint (for antibacterial, beautifying and refreshing benefits respectively).

Trust me guys, once you've tried out their shampoo and treatment, your hair will thank you! Made up from more than 90% organic ingredients, and free from silicones, sulphates, parabens and additives, you can be certain that your hair is getting all the nutrients it needs without any of the unnecessary chemicals.

The Refresh & Moist Body Wash has a combination of 10 organic botanical extracts that moisturises and reinvigorates your skin! It is so gentle that it's even suitable for babies or those with sensitive skin. My skin can get a little dry as I'm almost always in an air-conditioned room, but after using this in the shower my skin now feels moisturised, supple, and doesn't feel tight at all. Tip: if your skin feels tight after using a particular facial cleanser or body wash, it's not the right one for you!

Want to treat yourself to something a little bit more luxurious? Add a few pumps of the body wash into your bath tub, let it lather, relax and enjoy your bubble bath. You deserve it!

If you wish to redeem your very own Moist Diane Botanical Refresh & Moist Shampoo, Treatment and Body wash, click here!

Stay gold, xx

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